Meeting Minutes 7/10/14



JULY 10, 2014 


A public meeting of the York Area Regional Police Commission was held on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at the York Area Regional Police Building, 33 Oak St., York, PA 17402.

 Those present were Albert Granholm, Commissioner, Jo Anna Shovlin, Commissioner, Carl Dallmeyer, Commissioner, Rodney Sechrist, Commissioner, Ronald Smith, Commissioner, Thomas Gross, Chief of Police, Steven Hovis, Solicitor and Tracy Fleming, Business Administrator. 

Commissioner Granholm called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.   

Pledge of Allegiance. 

Commissioner Granholm informed the other Commissioners that Commissioner Knepper was on vacation and would not be at the meeting. 


The first award is for Sergeant Ken Schollenberger.  The award is a written commendation.  It is for an incident on May 2, 2014 in West Manchester Township involving a man with a gun.  He was in his back yard threatening suicide. The Quick Response Team was called out in which Sergeant Schollenberger is the commander of the Negotiation Team.  A letter was received from Chief Smith of West Manchester Township Police on this incident.  Sergeant Schollenberger made contact with this individual and in a short time got him to surrender.  Chief Smith expressed that he thought Sergeant Schollenberger accomplished the impossible by turning this situation around which he felt was going to turn out in a bad way.   

The next award the Chief is simply going to say an officer is getting a commendation.  He will review with the Commissioners in Executive Session.  Due to the nature of the officer’s assignment, he cannot name the officer or the nature of the commendation. 

 The next commendation is for Officer David Clegg.  It is a written commendation.  It is for his actions on December 6, 2013 for an incident in Dallastown Borough.  A call was received for a suspicious man.  Officer Clegg located the individual at a distance.  The individual was walking through yards, alleys and parking lots.  Officer Clegg eventually found him hiding under a vehicle.  He was a runaway who had been missing for about three weeks.  He was also involved in several thefts in Dallastown Borough. 

 The next award is for Officer Michael Schiffhauer.  It is a Chief’s commendation.  There were three recent incidents where Officer Schiffhauer established a rapport with dangerous suspects resulting in successful resolutions.  The first incident a man was armed with a shotgun taped to his hand threating suicide.  Officer Schiffhauer established contact with him and when the Quick Response Team arrived the individual was taken into custody.  The second incident a subject was in his basement with a shotgun.  Officer Schiffhauer contacted him by telephone and succeeded in talking him into surrendering.  The third incident involved a suicidal individual with a knife.  Officer Shiffhauer contacted him and convinced him to surrender without incident.  Officer Schiffhauer’s excellent communication skills resulted in the three successful outcomes.  Officer Schiffhauer also received a uniform bar.  The Chief stated Officer Shiffhauer is now a member of the Negotiating Team of the County Quick Response Team.

 The next commendation is for Officer Curtis Hempfing and Officer Christopher Boyce. They are receiving the Chief’s Commendation for excellent police work.  It is based on an incident on May 27, 2014.  Both Officers were conducting foot patrol in Red Lion Borough due to a recent rash of garage burglaries.  During patrol they encountered a suspicious individual and conducted an investigatory stop that resulted in a determination that the individual had broken into a nearby garage.  Further investigation resulted in the recovery of thousands of dollars of stolen items and the arrest of the suspect for numerous burglaries.  Their diligence and investigation were textbook examples of good police work and resulted in several major felony charges. Officer Boyce will receive a uniform bar for this award.  Officer Hempfing has previous commendations that will qualify him for a star.   

The next award is a Chief’s Commendation for outstanding performance to Officer Curtis Hempfing.  On June 20, 2014 at 3:23 in the morning Officer Hempfing was on patrol in Red Lion Borough.  He observed two individuals run from a detached garage.  He pursued and caught one of the suspects.  Shortly after that three other suspects were located.  There were four burglary cases closed by these arrests and numerous items of stolen property were recovered.  This will also be an additional uniform bar for Officer Hempfing.   

The next award is the Department Life Saving Award for Officer Stephen Sanders. This is one of the highest awards of the Department.  On June 24, 2014 Officer Sanders received a dispatch of an ambulance call in the 2000 block of South Queen Street in York Township.  Upon his arrival he discovered a thirty eight year old man in full cardiac arrest.  The man’s wife was driving him home from work and pulled over when he stopped breathing.  A nurse had also stopped to assist.  Officer Sanders and the nurse administered CPR to the man who had no pulse and was not breathing.  Officer Sanders then used the AED on the victim.  The victim then began breathing and was in stable condition when he arrived at the hospital.   

The last award for the night is the Metal of Distinction for Officer Michael Schiffhauer, Officer Adam Cohick, Officer Darius Mitchell, Officer Curtis Hempfing, Officer Bradley Meashey and Officer Donald Hoshauer, Jr.  This is the second highest metal for the Police Department.  On January 21, 2014 the officers were dispatched to a shooting on South Franklin Street in York Township.  These first responding officers had determined a female had been shot and taken into the residence by an individual who turned his gun fire on the officers.  Officers were fired upon numerous times from the residence by the suspect who had several firearms. The officers established and maintained a perimeter and at one time returned fire due to direct fire at the officers.  Officer Schiffhauer was the officer in charge and established phone contact with the shooter.  The weather conditions were extreme cold, wind and new snow with temperatures below zero.  This extremely dangerous situation was handled with great discipline, team work and tactics while the officers and others were under direct gun fire in frigid conditions. The County Quick Response Team continued this operation which unfortunately resulted in the discovery the female victim had died as well as the suspect who had killed himself.  The Chief wanted to mention that Jessica Mellinger, a twenty four year old girl, was a victim of this violent senseless act.  The Chief and the officers wished there had been a different outcome.  There was brief moment of silence for Jessica Mellinger.   

Commissioner Granholm on behalf of the York Area Regional Police Commission thanked all of the officers and congratulated them on their awards.      


Tony Musso, Red Lion Borough Council, would like to comment on Red Lion Borough.  He stated they have a couple of problem addresses in the Borough.  Police are called out there multiple times a week.  They would like to see more arrests and fines then just saying stop doing it and walk away.  Commissioner Granholm said he would have to know which addresses specifically he is talking about.  But in the past Red Lion Borough has asked the department to limit our activity to only 911 calls.  Tony Musso said his point is they come to these specific addresses and stay an hour or two.  He said don’t get him wrong the officers are doing their jobs.  All he is saying is their hours are up significantly.  He knows that some of it is due to the break-ins but these certain addresses add very many hours to their budget.  They are costing the Borough thousands of dollars not just a couple hundred.  Commissioner Granholm said he will not speak on behalf of the Chief but 911 calls have to be responded to.  He said this is not selective response, if it is 911 we are coming out.  Dianne Price, Red Lion Borough Manager, wanted to follow up on what she thinks Tony is trying to say.  They would like to see more citations issued.  They come out there, find a situation, talk with everybody, shake hands and walk away.  But in talking to the officers, they could have issued a citation.  Commissioner Granholm stated we are not going to analyze every single one.  It has been don’t cite, don’t issue parking tickets but now we want you to cite.  The Chief stated the Borough Manager has given us emails with the problem addresses and we do follow up on them.  The officers are well aware of these addresses and they want to do whatever can be done to stop repetitive responses to the same addresses.  He stated we will reinforce with the officers.  There are some cases where they don’t issue a citation or make an arrest.  Sometimes that discretion is for good reasons.  The Chief will follow up on the problem locations.  He stated there was one we are at today and have been there probably three times in the last week.  They found ten unrelated individuals living in one apartment using drugs.  He said we will probably continue going to that residence as long as ten unrelated people are in that apartment doing drugs.  There were arrests made in that particular case.  We will continue what we need to do as far as law enforcement goes in these cases.  Tony Musso said it is also so they are not wasting the officer’s time as much as they are wasting the Borough’s money.  He is sure the officers that respond to these calls have much better things to be doing and want to do then babysitting on two addresses.  The Chief stated the nature of public order crime is that it is repetitive and a nuisance type crime.  It is something unfortunately that requires a lot of response.  The Chief said the Borough is to let them know of any other addresses.  Dianne Price stated the address the Chief was referring to before the Borough has taken them to the District Justice.   


Commissioner Shovlin made a motion to approve the June 12, 2014 minutes, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.   


A letter of thanks was received from James Painter for Corporal Georgiou and Sergeant Barley, Jr. on their work and followed up on break-ins at his business.  

The Chief informed the Commissioners that he received an application from Jeffry Dunbar to enter the IROP effective July 31, 2014.  Commissioner Shovlin made a motion to approve the IROP application for Jeffry Dunbar, seconded by Commissioner Granholm, motion carried. 

A letter was received from the DEA thanking the Department for participating in the Drug Take Back Initiative.   

The Chief informed the Commissioners that he did mail out a few letters for contributions toward new AEDs.  He has a list of other businesses he would like to mail the letter to.  He will email the list to the Commissioners for their approval.  He also stated to let him know if there was any that they wanted him to add.    


The Chief stated at the June meeting the appointment of Ryan Brice was conditional.  He did pass all of his tests.  He started employment July 1, 2014 and is currently in the Academy.  The Academy lasts for twenty weeks.   


Dallastown Borough – Commissioner Smith informed the Commissioners that Dallastown Borough has a meeting scheduled for Monday night which they will go over the contract.  He will check if there are any additional items the Council members would like added to the contract.   

Red Lion Borough – Dianne Price stated the Council has not met due to the holiday.  Their next meeting is on Monday, July 14.   


Grants – The Chief had nothing to report. 

Monthly Reports – The Chief informed the Commissioners we received a letter from the County.  The County needs to upgrade all of the Mobile Data Computers that are in all of the cars.  They were running on outdated technology.  We currently have a contract with the County for fourteen units. We pay $153.04 a month for each computer now.  The total cost of the new equipment is $686.50 per unit.  There is a onetime installation and setup charge of $50 per unit.  The Chief advised the Commissioners the County is offering two payment options.  It can be paid in a lump sum or spread over the remainder of the contract period which is October 1, 2014 to March 31, 2017.  There would be no interest charged on the payment plan.  It takes the monthly cost up by $22.88 a unit.  The Chief stated we will be reducing the number to thirteen since we currently are not using the one in the K-9 car.  A motion was made by Commissioner Shovlin to spread the cost of the upgrade over the reminder of the contract, seconded by Commissioner Granholm, motion carried.    

Approval of Expenses for June 1 – 30, 2014 – $580,136.66

Commissioner Granholm asked for a motion to approve the expenses for June 1 – 30, 2014 in the amount of $580,136.66.  A motion to approve the expenses was made by Commissioner Dallmeyer, seconded by Commissioner Shovlin, motion carried.   

Audit – The Chief advised the Commissioners a copy of the audit was in their packets.  Commissioner Granholm stated there was one deficiency in the audit.  It is the same one reported each year which is the segregation of duties.  Attorney Hovis advised the Commissioners they need to accept the audit report.  This will be put on the agenda for the next meeting after the Commissioners have time to review the audit.   

Liability Insurance Proposals – The Chief informed the Commissioners there are two proposals submitted for the liability insurance.  One is from Kocman Insurance Group and the other is from C.A.Weber Agency.  Kocman Insurance Group renewal premium would be $247,891 compared to $296,791 from C.A. Weber Agency.  The premium for July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014 was $242,232.  There was a brief discussion on the dividend program at Kocman Insurance Group.  The Chief advised the Commissioners there is a ten percent reduction in the law enforcement policy due to the Accreditation.  A motion was made by Commissioner Granholm to accept the renewal premium from Kocman Insurance Group in the amount of $247,891, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.      

The Chief advised the Commissioners he has a draft of the five year capital plan.  The Chief stated the two big items on the list is the HVAC system and the roof.  Commissioner Granholm stated the cars should also be put on the capital plan.   

The Chief stated the in-car cameras discussed at last month’s meeting were ordered and the price went down.  Commissioner Granholm stated he would like to know the amount saved for next meeting.  He is thinking we could redirect the money saved towards an AED.  

The Chief advised the Commissioners we currently spent $61,900 in the Capital Purchases – Vehicles account which includes the upgrade of the new motorcycle.  This amount includes the two police interceptors.  It also includes the $28,000 we received for the wrecked car. So there is $79,000 left in the budget.  Of that amount $4,945 is for the replacement of the one in-car camera.  We still have not paid for the replacement of car 12.  There is also additional upfitting needed on the two new utilities.  So the bottom line is out of the $108,000 budgeted, we expect to have approximately $21,700 left in that line item.    


Attorney Hovis had nothing to report. 


The Chief reminded everyone that National Night Out is August 5, 2014 from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Dallastown Community Park.   

The Chief stated the Accreditation Assessment Report is included in the Commissioners’ packets.  The report will be presented to the PA Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission next Wednesday for approval.  The Chief stated the report ends with a positive recommendation by the Assessment Team to be re-accredited.  He thanked all of the staff for the help in the re-accreditation.  Commissioner Granholm read the summary and recommendation of the report for the audience. 

The Summary – The York Area Regional Police Department is a professional and well managed law enforcement agency committed to current policies and technologies.  It is evident through their policies the agency is committed to community service through professional standards proven by their successful on-site assessment. 

The Recommendation – Based upon the assessment teams tour, interviews and file review whereby all applicable standards established by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission have been met; it is the recommendation of the assessment team the York Area Regional Police Department be considered for re-accredited status at the next Commission meeting.   

Commissioner Granholm congratulated the Chief and the entire department on the re-accreditation.  The Chief wanted to mention Sergeant Dunbar who is the accreditation manager.  He did an excellent job.   

Commissioner Granholm forgot to mention at the beginning of the meeting there will be an executive session for a personnel matter.   


Commissioner Sechrist had no comments.  

Commissioner Smith had no comments. 

Commissioner Dallmeyer wanted to congratulate the officers on their individual awards and the Department on their re-accreditation.   

Commissioner Shovlin also wanted to congratulate the officers and the department. 

Commissioner Granholm was very happy to see all of the awards tonight which speaks well for the department and the officers.  He really wants the board to start focusing on the budget.  He would like to kick off the budget discussion at next month’s meeting.  He would like everyone to go through and record anything they would like to change, have concerns about, have questions about or areas that need improvement.  He wants to do the budget in an organized and systemic way this year.  Obviously there are some variables out there.  We have the Red Lion Borough contract and Dallastown Borough contract still pending.  We are still working hard with our officers on a new contract.  He is optimistic we will get through all of these things with positive outcomes.   

The Chief wanted to add the Can-Am games start this Sunday which is for police, fire and emergency responders.  It is hosted by York County.  The opening ceremony is at the York Expo Center at 6:00 pm which the Department is participating in.   

The Commission recessed for an executive session at 6:55 pm to discuss a grievance.  

The Commission reconvened at 8:12 pm. 

A motion was made by Commissioner Shovlin to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 pm, seconded by Commissioner Granholm, motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted and recorded by, 


Tracy L. Fleming

Business Administrator 



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