Meeting Minutes 6/12/14



JUNE 12, 2014



A public meeting of the York Area Regional Police Commission was held on Thursday, June 12, 2014 at the York Area Regional Police Building, 33 Oak St., York, PA 17402. 

Those present were Albert Granholm, Commissioner, Jo Anna Shovlin, Commissioner, Carl Dallmeyer, Commissioner, Paul Knepper, Commissioner, Rodney Sechrist, Commissioner, Ronald Smith, Commissioner, Thomas Gross, Chief of Police, Steven Hovis, Solicitor and Tracy Fleming, Business Administrator. 

Commissioner Granholm called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.   

Pledge of Allegiance. 


The Chief presented Cheryl Fetrow with a plaque which represented both Windsor Township Police and York Area Regional Police Department recognizing her 27 and one half years of dedicated service.  He also presented her with a department photo that people wrote their well wishes on it.  Commissioner Shovlin presented Cheryl with a citation from the House of Representatives signed by Representatives Ron Miller, Stan Saylor and Keith Gillespie.     


Resolution 2014-03 was read by the Chief recognizing Cheryl Fetrow for her 27 and one half years of dedicated service.  Commissioner Shovlin made a motion to approve Resolution 2014-03, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.  The Chief thanked Cheryl for her years of service.   

Cheryl thanked everyone for being there to celebrate her retirement.  She expressed gratitude to the Windsor Township Board of Commissioners including Paul Smith, Rodney Sechrist and the late Marlene Workinger who in December of 1986 hired her to be Earle Shenk’s secretary for the Windsor Township Police.  She also thanked the officers and her co-workers who have made the job memorable.  She said it hasn’t all been work and we did have our fair share of fun and laughs.  She is going to miss that.  Over the years her co-workers have been with her for a lot of milestones in her life including her divorce, birth of her grandchildren, marriage to her late husband Bruce and his unfortunate passing almost two years ago.  She said many thanks to everyone for caring for her through those times.  These are moments that she will treasure always.  The job has changed dramatically from typing everything on the Deluxe IBM Select typewriter, dispatching calls to 49-84 to the numerous police software updates which were to “make the job easier”.  She then thanked both of her sons and her step-children who were there tonight and all of her family for their support.  Today she closes a door to the past and opens a door to the future.  She will take a deep breath and step through to start the next chapter of her life.       


There were no public comments. 


Commissioner Shovlin made a motion to approve the May 8, 2014 minutes, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.   


The Chief stated he will address some of the correspondence under his report.  He informed them there was a copy of the retirement letter from Cheryl Fetrow in their packets.   


The Chief informed the Commissioners there was a Civil Service list in the packets.  At the last meeting they discussed hiring and the current openings.  There was a discussion of hiring one officer maybe two officers.  The Civil Service Commission met last Friday, June 6, 2014.  They have certified a list of four candidates.  At the time we are recommending hiring one candidate which would be the first candidate on the list – Ryan Brice.  The Chief informed the Commissioners that Ryan Brice and his family were at the meeting tonight.  Commissioner Granholm asked Ryan Brice to come forward.  He is a graduate of Northern High School, spent two years as a criminal justice major at York College and after that joined the Air Force.  He is now in the Air Force Reserves.  His background investigation has been completed.  The Chief informed the Commissioners his employment is conditional on his passing the psychological and physical tests which he has done.  He is all certified and ready to attend the Police Academy which starts July 7, 2014.  The Chief stated his hire date should be July 1, 2014.  Commissioner Shovlin made a motion to hire Ryan Brice July 1, 2014, seconded by Commissioner Granholm, motion carried.    


Dallastown Area School District – Commissioner Granholm stated the contract has been signed by the school district.  He stated there were a few changes to the wording and the description of the SRO.  The units stayed the same and it is a two year contract.  The new contract no longer names a specific officer.  A motion was made by Commissioner Dallmeyer to approve the SRO contract with Dallastown Area School District, seconded by Commissioner Shovlin, motion carried.    

Red Lion Borough – Commissioner Granholm stated that he, the Chief and Commissioner Smith met with the Borough to discuss new language in the contract.  The contract is back to the Borough Council for further discussion.  That is where it stands at this point. 

Dallastown Borough – Commissioner Granholm informed the Commissioners that he and the Chief met with Commissioner Smith (who is President of Dallastown Borough Council), the Mayor and the Borough Manager.  They did request a few changes in the contract which were made and it was sent back to them.  Commissioner Smith stated he forwarded the contract today.  It now goes to Borough Council for recommendations and changes then it will be sent back to the Police Department.   


Grants – There was nothing new to report.   

Monthly Reports – Tracy Fleming informed the Commissioners the monthly budget figures were changed to reflect the wages of the two officers that left.  The salary accounts will now be under budget in the beginning of the year.  She also informed the Commissioners the refund from Benecon was not included in the budget figures. The Chief informed the Commissioners the natural gas expense seems high. He is going to have the account usage analyzed.  He feels part of it is due to the much harsher winter we had.  Commissioner Granholm questioned the Uniform line item being high this month.  The Chief advised him we do two purchases a year.  There is one in the spring and one in the fall.  The Chief explained the allowance the Officers receive a year.  He also stated there is body armor purchased in this account which we will get some grant funds for.  There was also a brief discussion on the ammunition purchase timeframe.  Commissioner Granholm questioned a credit in the Insurance Liability account.  Tracy Fleming informed him it was from removing a vehicle from the policy.  The Chief advised the Commissioners that we have received the two new Ford Utility vehicles.  One is here at the station and the other has been marked and it is waiting for the cage, radio equipment and computer equipment to be installed.  The Chief also stated the new Harley Davidson motorcycle was received last week.  Lieutenant Zech informed the Commissioners the equipment that had to be installed on the new motorcycle since it was a different model. 

Approval of Expenses for May 1 – 31, 2014 – $283,411.10

Commissioner Granholm asked for a motion to approve the expenses for May 1 – 31, 2014 in the amount of $283,411.10.  A motion to approve the expenses was made by Commissioner Dallmeyer, seconded by Commissioner Shovlin, motion carried.   

Capital Requests – The Chief advised the Commissioners he is still trying to develop a five year capital plan.  He discussed the WatchGuard camera situation.  We have three of the new Ford Utility Interceptors and none of the three have cameras installed in them.  None of the cameras we have currently work in these vehicles.  The camera that was in the vehicle that was totaled was destroyed.  This camera will be replaced through the insurance.  Any of the new cameras we buy as he discussed last month would be the WatchGuard with the new technology which is the wireless download.  For the entire fleet to be replaced the cost would be over $100,000.  The Chief stated he would like to start putting the new cameras in the new vehicles.  He feels it is essential we have new cameras.  There are two items that need purchased to start using the new cameras.  It is the backbone which is the server and wireless receiver which is $9,945.  The cost per camera is $5,470.  He is looking at using the 720 line item which is Capital Purchases – Other.  There is $27,000 budgeted in that account and nothing has been spent from this account.  If we bought the server and wireless receiver for $9,945 and three cameras for $16,410, the total would be $26,355 which would just about use this entire line item.  We would also recommend buying a fourth camera and that cost would come out of the Capital Purchases – Vehicles line item because that is where the reimbursement was credited for the camera that was destroyed in the accident.  This would let about $6,000 in that Capital line item.  Commissioner Granholm questioned the credit balance in the Capital Purchases – Vehicle account.  Tracy Fleming explained it is the reimbursement for the car in the accident. The two new vehicles were not paid for until June.  There was a discussion on the cameras, vehicles and the amounts budgeted.  A motion was made by Commissioner Granholm to purchase the server, wireless receiver and three cameras for $26,355, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.   

The Chief advised the Commissioners there was a form letter to be sent to potential donors in their packets regarding the purchase of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators).  It would be ideal to have one in each of the first responding vehicles which would be eighteen for a cost $39,600. There was a discussion on the form letter.  The letter will be sent to members of the community.   

Commissioner Granholm asked if a replacement car had been ordered to replace the wrecked car.  The Chief informed him we did order one.        


Attorney Hovis had no actions to report on tonight.  He did advise the Commissioners that he had items to review in Executive Session with them.  


The Chief reported unfortunately we continue to see heroin overdoses.  We had no fatalities this month but did have two calls for heroin overdoses.  He advised the Commissioners that the semiannual firearms qualifications have been completed.  The Chief reported there is an intern working with the department for the next two months.  Her name is Samantha Morgan and she is from Bloomsburg University.   

The Chief informed the Commissioners the department went through its third assessment for Accreditation last Thursday and Friday.  There were three assessors here – Chief Mike Murphy from Upper Moreland Township Police, Sergeant James Gress from Allentown Police Department and Leslie Fuller, Accreditation Manager for Derry Township Police in Hershey.  They conduct and do an inspection on the entire facility, equipment, vehicles, firearms and evidence room.  They also do ride along with the officers which this year was Corporal Dyke and Officer Mallette.  We did receive a positive recommendation.  There will be a vote at the July meeting of the Pennsylvania Accreditation Coalition.  The Commissioners will receive a written report from the assessors.   

The Chief wanted to follow up from the last Commission meeting on a concern of a news report aired on WGAL about comments regarding manpower.  The concern was a statement was made about the manpower supply for Red Lion Borough.  Nobody had seen the video.  The Chief did view the video that was aired.  He also provided it to the Commissioners for their review.  The Chief stated his view on the video was it was on the thefts/burglaries in Red Lion Borough.  A citizen was interviewed by the reporter.  The citizen and the reporter reported on a concern of the lack of police in Red Lion Borough.  Sergeant Dunbar was interviewed and asked the same question.  His words were we had a reduction in manpower.  The reporter made a comment that five years ago there were 50 police officers and now you are down to 43.  Sergeant Dunbar said it was due to budget constraints.  He did not say budget cuts.  There was no reference made to any municipality. 


Commissioner Shovlin would like to give kudos to the Police Department for their quick apprehension on foot patrol in Red Lion Borough.  She is very proud of the officers that work for the department.  She is very happy this individual was caught.    

Commissioner Dallmeyer said he has only been here a short time but he is glad to see there are much better lines of communication opened since he started through emails and phone calls.       

Commissioner Knepper asked if the replacement for Cheryl Fetrow has been hired yet.  Commissioner Granholm informed him she was not going to be replaced at this time.  The Chief explained some of the changes in the work load.  Commissioner Knepper stated historically the Police Commission received an Incident Report but did not receive one tonight.  The Chief stated he should receive by Monday due to a short turnaround and new staffing responsibilities.  His next question was when is it appropriate to use fire police and when is it not.  The Chief stated we will normally request Fire Police when it is going to be a lengthy traffic tie up.  Commissioner Knepper stated his concern is why the Living Word Church can’t use Fire Police.  There was a discussion on the use of fire police and private businesses using them.  They also discussed the liability of using Fire Police.  Attorney Hovis reviewed the risks involved in using the Fire Police. Lieutenant Zech stated right now there is a shortage of Fire Police.  It is hard to get them out when we need them for assistance.  He said except for one of the Fire Companies they do not have the manpower they used to have.  The Chief stated he would look into this manner and get answers for the questions.  Gary McBrien, Mayor of Felton Borough stated he used to be a Fire Police Captain.  He reviewed the Fire Police law with the Commissioners.  He also stated Felton Borough does a resolution each year that allows their Fire Police to work in certain municipalities that request assistance at times.  The Chief stated the Living Word Church is a weekly function.  He feels the Fire Police would be hard put to guarantee that they would be at that location regularly – every Sunday.  The Chief said obviously the Church is paying us to do that.  We are always there and the traffic is taken care of.  The Chief said he feels that event is different from a parade, carnival or street fair.  Commissioner Granholm stated he feels it is a good question and would like the Chief to expand on it and answer some or the questions.       

Commissioner Sechrist had no comments.   

Commissioner Smith’s question was asked by Commissioner Knepper so he had no other comments.   

Commissioner Granholm stated he would like to have a budget workshop in August.  So he asked his fellow board members to start thinking about how they want the budget process to go forward.  He told the Chief they are going to need his capital plan.  He wants to be a little more systemical and conduct a municipal approach to it.  He feels we have a lot to talk about not only budgeting and costs but also how we are going to maintain and start establishing reserves.  Also how we are going to classify those reserves. Now he is asking everyone to start thinking about it, jot down some ideas and come to the July meeting with some dates in August.  He would like to do an initial meeting and possibly a follow up meeting before we put our first draft out there.  The Chief stated the Charter requires it by October 1.   

The Chief asked if he could add a few comments to his report.  He wanted to report that last Friday Officer Adam Cohick graduated from Baltimore County Police Swat Training Academy.  Also if anyone wants to see any of the new vehicles, Lieutenant Zech will be here after the meeting to show them. 

Commissioner Granholm thanked Commissioner Smith and the Chief for meeting with the municipalities to answer some of their questions.  He also wanted to thank the York Area Regional Police Association.  They had their first meeting regarding the new contract.  He personally feels that meeting went excellent.  He said everyone came to the table ready to work.  Corporal Dyke thanked Commissioner Granholm.  He also thought it was an excellent first meeting.   

The Commission recessed for an executive session at 7:11 pm to discuss contract and legal issues.  

The Commission reconvened at 8:04 pm. 

A motion was made by Commissioner Shovlin to adjourn the meeting at 8:04 pm, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted and recorded by, 


Tracy L. Fleming

Business Administrator 



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Others Present:

Jeff Dunbar

Tina Frutiger

Bob Frutiger

Jennifer Gunnet

Dianne Price

Mike Zinn

Tobin Zech

Bob Kessler

Paul Smith

Susan Smith

George Jones

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Kathy Cronin

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