Meeting Minutes 3/13/14



MARCH 13, 2014 


A public meeting of the York Area Regional Police Commission was held on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the York Area Regional Police Building, 33 Oak St., York, PA 17402. 

Those present were Albert Granholm, Commissioner, Jo Anna J. Shovlin, Commissioner, Carl Dallmeyer, Commissioner, Paul Knepper, Commissioner, Rodney Sechrist, Commissioner, Ronald Smith, Commissioner, Thomas Gross, Chief of Police, and Tracy Fleming, Business Administrator. 

Commissioner Granholm called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

 Pledge of Allegiance.

 Commissioner Granholm stated there was no meeting in February due to the weather.   


Resolution 2014-02 was read by the Chief recognizing retired Officer Kevin Spangler for his nineteen years of dedicated service to the department.  Commissioner Shovlin made a motion to approve Resolution 2014-02, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.  A presentation of a shadow box with his service weapon, badge and plaque was made to retired Officer Spangler.   


Commissioner Granholm introduced Steve Hovis with Stock & Leader.  Commissioner Granholm stated as he has discussed in the past, he feels there is a need for a solicitor at the Commission meetings.  He stated he asked Stock & Leader for a proposal.  Commissioner Granholm made a motion to appoint Stock & Leader as the Department’s solicitor moving forward.  Commissioner Smith stated he would like to see a time period on the motion to appoint Stock & Leader as solicitor for a term of two years.  Commissioner Granholm amended his motion to appoint Stock & Leader as the Department’s solicitor for the remainder of 2014 and 2015, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer.  Commissioner Shovlin does not have a problem with the motion but would like to see a one year term.  She feels we do not want to lock ourselves into something for a two year term.  All in favor Commissioner Granholm and Commissioner Dallmeyer, all opposed Commissioner Shovlin, motion carried 2 to 1.    


There were no public comments. 


Commissioner Shovlin made a motion to approve the January 9, 2014 minutes, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.   


The Chief stated there is a letter he sent to Eric Holder, Attorney General of the U.S., regarding Project ChildSafe. The program is used to purchase firearm safety kits.  There is also a complementary letter from Attorney Menges regarding an arrest the department made.  A letter was received from a candidate accepted into the police academy.   


There was no Civil Service Report. 


Dallastown Area School District – The Chief and Commissioner Granholm have a meeting on Monday with the District representatives. 

Red Lion Borough – There is nothing new to report.   

Dallastown Borough – Commissioner Granholm asked the Chief if he put together a contract for the Borough.  The Chief stated he did not.  The Chief recommended setting up an initial meeting with himself, the Borough and a Commission member.  Commissioner Granholm asked if anyone was interested in meeting with Dallastown Borough and the Chief.  Commissioner Shovlin stated she would be willing to attend the meeting.  Commissioner Smith stated that typically the Borough met with the Chief and the Chairman of the Commission.  He stated he is okay personally with keeping it that way but he can’t speak for anyone else.  Commissioner Granholm stated to email dates and then try to find a date that works for everyone involved.        


Grants – There was nothing new to report. 

Tracy Fleming reviewed the three different Revenue and Expense Reports provided for the Commission:

  1. The first report shows the current month actual, budget for the month, then year to date amounts, year to date budget and annual budget.
  2. The second report shows each month separately with actual, budget for the month, amount over/under budget and percentage of budget.  Then at the end it shows year to date actual, budget, amount over/under budget and percentage of budget.
  3. The third report is the same as the old Revenue and Expense Report provided to the Commission.  It shows year to date amounts, annual budget, amount over/under budget and percentage of budget.  

Commissioner Shovlin would like to see a column for each month, a total column and then the annual budget.  There was a lengthy discussion on the financial statements and the presentation of the budget (monthly or annual amounts).  Tracy Fleming will work on the financial statements and email to the Commissioners for their review.   

Commissioner Granholm stated the biggest concern is why the wages are so far over the budget.  Tracy Fleming stated the accrued wages at the end of 2013 have not been recorded.  This entry is normally done by the auditors.  Tracy Fleming stated the budget for salaries will need to be done on the cash basis not the accrual basis.  Commissioner Dallmeyer stated he would like to look at how the reports were done last year.  Commissioner Shovlin suggested that Commissioner Dallmeyer meet with Tracy Fleming to review the reports before sending to the other Commissioners.  Commissioner Dallmeyer will meet with Tracy Fleming and decide on the best report for the Commissioners.     

Approval of Expenses for January 1 – January 31, 2014 – $562,546.69

Commissioner Granholm asked for a motion to approve the expenses for January 1 – 31, 2014 in the amount of $562,546.69.  A motion to approve the expenses was made by Commissioner Shovlin, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.  

Approval of Expenses for February 1 – February 28, 2014 – $506,200.92

Commissioner Granholm asked for a motion to approve the expenses for February 1 – 28, 2014 in the amount of $506,200.92.  A motion to approve the expenses was made by Commissioner Shovlin, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.   

Police Vehicle Purchase

The Chief stated the timetable for purchase of police vehicles is early in the year.  Since we cancelled the February 2014 meeting, we missed the ordering deadline.  However, we do know they still have the vehicles available.  We budgeted for three vehicles.  We are proposing at this time to purchase two 2014 Utility Police Interceptors.  This same vehicle was the last type we purchased.  We are seeing it as the best use for the department right now.  The best up fit price was from Mannion.  The Chief stated the one item we would like to put in the cars that we do not have now is a printer/card reader.  They are compatible with the software we have.  The officers would be able to scan the driver’s license then print the citation.  The Chief stated $108,000 was budgeted for vehicles and the cost of the two vehicles would be $74,960.  Commissioner Granholm questioned if the upfitting was included in the price.  The Chief stated that it was.  Commissioner Granholm stated at that price we would not be able to purchase three vehicles.  There was a discussion on the transferring of equipment in the vehicles.  Commissioner Knepper questioned if these prices were through the CoStars program.  The Chief informed him they were. Commissioner Granholm asked which cars were going to be retired.  The Chief stated car 3 and car 8 which are Crown Victorias.  Commissioner Granholm inquired if we were getting rid of the K9 car.  The Chief stated he believes so.  The Chief informed the Commissioners that we do not need to purchase light bars for the two new cars.  Commissioner Granholm asked if there was anything unusual about the printers such as the cost of the paper.  Lieutenant Zech stated the price was in the quote from Mannion.  It is $50 for a 6 roll pack.  Commissioner Shovlin stated logically there is no more money for a third car.  The Chief said we are fairly confident we can get by with two new vehicles.  The Chief stated some of the cars that need replaced or potentially need replaced are unmarked.  Then you are looking at a whole different price that could be within the $30,000.  The upfit and equipment in an unmarked vehicle is nowhere near the amount needed in a marked vehicle.  Elizabeth Heathcote, York Township Manager asked Commissioner Granholm if they can be assured that all of the costs for these new vehicles will be found in the account Capital Purchases – Vehicles and not part of it under Maintenance and Repairs.  Commissioner Granholm said that is what is being proposed at this moment.  The cost is $74,960 and is all charged to the Capital Purchases account.  He stated that price includes the upfit.  There was a discussion on selling the old cars.  Commissioner Dallmeyer made a motion to approve the purchase of two 2014 Ford Utility Police Interceptors with the upfit for a price of $74,960, seconded by Commissioner Shovlin, motion carried.   

The Chief asked for approval to submit the AG-385 Form Certification for Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Distribution & General Municipal Pension System State Aid to the Auditor General.  A motion was made by Commissioner Shovlin to approve submitting the AG-385 Form to the Auditor General, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried.  The Chief stated Commissioner Dallmeyer needs to sign the form as Secretary. 

Review of proposals for auditing services

Commissioner Granholm questioned if there was a set of specifications, requirements and what is the scope of services.  Tracy Fleming stated it is in the letter sent to each auditing firm.  Commissioner Granholm asked for a copy of this letter.  Commission Granholm read the five quotes for the audience. They ranged from $5,100 to $12,000.  The amount budgeted for the audit was $5,100.  The Chief stated we budgeted what we paid last year.  It was decided to review the proposals again and put on the agenda for April and make a decision at that time.      


There is no report.  


2013 Annual Report Review – The Chief informed the Commissioners that we have a practice annually of doing a written report.  He does not have the report tonight due to the fact a set of critical numbers are missing which is the 911 information.  Since October 2013 they have not been able to get the electronic data because they switched over to a new computer dispatch system.  They promised they would have the information to us by March 10, 2014.  This did not happen.  There will be a paper report that will be distributed as soon as we can.  Without those numbers, the Chief would like to take about 10 minutes to highlight the annual report visually. The Chief reviewed the highlights with the Commissioners and audience.      

The Chief informed the Commissioners the new website is still being updated.   

K9 Update – Officer Sampere left the department in January 2014.  The K9 Vilko was assigned to Officer Boyce.  During the transition Vilko was boarded at Castle K9.  Unfortunately in the first week of that assignment Officer Boyce suffered an injury.  The injury prevented him from entering into the training with Vilko.  The timing of the training is such that we did not have the ability to identify another Officer that we could assign to the dog.  We basically owned a police dog without a handler.  If we would have kept the dog, it would have been spring until we assigned or identified another Officer to be with the dog.  The dog was returned to Castle K9.  They were able to identify a buyer for us which was Plymouth Township.  He was sold for $8,000.  At this point, we have no dog and no handler.  However, we do have a large sum of money that was contributed for the K9 program.  The Chief stated we will get an exact amount contributed for the Commissioners.  The Chief’s recommendation is to place this money in a separate fund.  We want to assure the people who contributed towards the K9 program their money will be used for that purpose.  Commissioner Granholm stated we should definitely separate that money and open a separate account if necessary.  These people donated for a purpose.   

The Chief had two additional notices of appreciation in addition to what was listed on his report.  One was for Corporal Georgiou who assisted in a funeral with our honor guard for another department.  We also received a voice mail from a man that did not identify himself.  He appreciated the fact that during one of the big snow storms he saw a couple of our officers push about seven cars in a row out of a parking lot. 

The Chief informed the Commissioners that he and Sergeant Schollenberger attended the awards ceremony for the Central Penn Business Bureau for the Non-Profit Innovation Awards as a finalist for the Lethality Assessment Program in the Collaboration Category.  The Chief will report more on the Lethality Assessment Program in the Annual Report.  We are the first department in the state that used the Lethality Assessment in a pilot program.  We have trained Officers when they go to a domestic argument to see if there are any indicators for domestic violence.   


Commissioner Smith stated he did not see an account in the budget for the K9 money.  He feels this should be a separate line in the budget.  Commissioner Granholm stated it will be shown as separate cash account.  The money has already been collected.   

Commissioner Sechrist had no comments. 

Commissioner Knepper stated it is obvious from the Chief’s presentation and the reports received each month, we do not live in Mayberry, USA.  It is obvious we need to maintain a strong police presence.  He imagines it is not going to get any better with the moral decline in society.  There was an article in the Sunday paper entitled “Bill Could Bring Police Into The 21st Century”.  It is in reference to the use of radar being available to regional and municipal police departments in the future.  He hopes the bill gains enough attraction to become a reality.  Pennsylvania is the only state in the union that does not allow local police departments to use radar.   He asked the Chief to give an update on the radios.  The Chief stated the radios we currently have through the County are in a radio spectrum that will no longer be available to public safety after the passage of an act.  The act basically took all of the radio spectrum and is intended to put it into one Public Safety broadband.  So the County will have to move into that 700 megahertz spectrum.  All of the municipalities and areas that were in other spectrums are going to be auctioned off by the FCC to move everybody.  The funds that are raised from that auction are supposed to pay for the cost of everyone moving to the new spectrum.  The County has voted to move ahead with obtaining new spectrum and then going into the D Block spectrum for use with Emergency Services.  The entire D Block is intended to be for Public Service use only.  It will probably be a three or four year process.  Once they move from their current radio frequencies none of the radios we have now will work.  The County obviously at this point plans to move ahead to receive the funds that should be allocated to them from the auction of the spectrum.  Nobody knows who is going to make how much money off of the spectrum sale. The spectrum being auctioned is coveted by the major phone carriers.  A lot of it is Sprint but also Verizon, AT&T and so on.  They are going to be trying to buy the spectrum the County is currently using.  The intent is we should not see any cost.  They will give us radio for radio and portable for portable.  Commissioner Sechrist questioned if this is federal mandated.  The Chief stated it was passed by Congress in 2012.  His next question was concerning training.  He was reviewing the training document.  He said some officers obviously take clear advantage of the training.  His question is who decides who gets the training.  The Chief informed him the department has a training committee.  The committee meets on a regular basis and makes decisions on who needs which training.  They make assignments to these trainings based on the needs of the officers and the needs of the department.  There was a discussion on the cost of training and the amount of training available.      

Commissioner Dallmeyer apologized to the Chief for not taking the tour of the facility the Chief offered.  He is planning to do so in the near future.  He is also looking forward to working on the financial statements with Tracy Fleming.  He stated this is only his second meeting but he had no idea the magnitude of this department.  

Commissioner Granholm stated he had the pleasure of attending the DARE graduation on February 21, 2014.  There were approximately 500 6th graders that went through the DARE program this year.  He wanted to thank Officer Barley and Officer Varner for the wonderful job they did with the program.   

Commissioner Shovlin wanted to commend Sergeant Dunbar and the York Area Regional Police Department.  She is employed by Representative Stan Saylor. She stated they have taken it upon themselves to offer Concealed Weapon classes.  She stated there is a waiting list for the classes.  Sergeant Dunbar and Chief Caldwell from Lower Windsor Township participated in the program.  She was very impressed with the program.  Representative Saylor received many emails and telephone calls on the program.  She did share them with the Chief.  She extended her gratitude to the two police officers.  She welcomed Steve Hovis to the Commission.  She stated she had nothing against him.  She just felt a one year term would be best for the first year.  Next she reviewed what she was looking for in the financial information.  She is committed to making everything financially correct.   

The Commission recessed for an executive session at 7:40 pm. Commissioner Granholm invited the members of the different municipalities to stay for the executive session.    

The Commission reconvened at 8:30 pm. 

A motion was made by Commissioner Shovlin to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 pm, seconded by Commissioner Dallmeyer, motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted and recorded by, 


Tracy L. Fleming

Business Administrator



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Others Present:

Gary McBrien

Kevin Spangler

Jennifer Gunnet

Terry Meyers, Sr.

Elizabeth Heathcote

Walter Hughes

Dianne Price

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