Meeting Minutes 7/11/13



JULY 11, 2013


A public meeting of the York Area Regional Police Commission was held on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at the York Area Regional Police Building, 33 Oak St., York, PA 17402.

 Those present were Paul Smith, Commissioner, Albert Granholm, Commissioner, Paul Redifer, Commissioner, Paul Knepper, Commissioner, Rodney Sechrist, Commissioner, Ronald Smith, Commissioner, Thomas Gross, Chief of Police, and Tracy Fleming, Business Administrator.

 Commissioner Paul Smith called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

 Pledge of Allegiance.



Dianne Price, Red Lion Borough Manager stated the Red Lion Business Association is having a Street Fair in August.  They were told they would have to pay for 71.5 hours for the police to attend and set up a booth.  Lieutenant Zech stated they were told the overtime rate is $71.15 an hour with a minimum of two hours.  He said Red Lion Borough did not want the time charged against their hours.  Since they did not want the time charged to the Borough, it would then be overtime and billed at the overtime rate of $71.15.  The Chief also stated he had emailed Dianne Price the overtime rate would be $71.15. 


Commissioner Granholm made a motion to approve the June 13, 2013 minutes, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.  Commissioner Granholm made a motion to approve the June 28, 2013 minutes, seconded by Commissioner Redifer.  Commissioner Paul Smith abstained since he was not in attendance at the meeting, motion carried.


The Chief will report on the correspondence under the Chief’s Report.



Red Lion Borough – Commissioner Granholm has communicated with the Borough and is waiting to hear back from their Council.


Felton Borough – The Chief stated he had Lieutenant Zech look at the hours for Felton Borough.  He took one month and analyzed the hours.  He looked at the month of May.  There were 16.5 hours attributed to 911 calls out of a total of 25 available hours. There was also an excess of 13 hours attributed to a drug manner.  With those two items it took them over their monthly allotment.  The Chief stated he would like to make contact with the Borough to discuss their hours since it is coming to the end of their contract.  Commissioner Paul Smith thought that was a very good idea.  The Chief will contact Felton Borough. 

York County School of Technology – The Chief stated he did meet with them. He was told verbally by the Director’s office they have voted to approve the contract.  It is now up to the Commissioners to approve the contract.  It would be effective today and for a three year period (2013-2016).  The agreement now includes administrative time.  Commissioner Redifer made a motion to approve the contract with the York County School of Technology, seconded by Commissioner Granholm, motion carried.  The Chief informed the Commissioners that a new Memorandum of Understanding was also approved.  He did sign that form. 

Dallastown Area School District – The Chief advised the Commissioners that he did attend the School Board meeting in May. They do have the agreement in their hands but have not voted.  He said they did sign the Memorandum of Understanding. There is concern over the administrative time.  They did ask if a one year extension was possible.  The Commissioners are not in favor of a one year extension.


The Chief stated at the recessed meeting in June Bradley Meashey was appointed as a police officer.  Robert Miller started the police academy on July 8, 2013.  Both individuals have completed the additional testing that was required.   

The Chief introduced the new K-9 to the Commissioners.  His name is Vilco.  Officer Sampere stated they will go through four weeks of training.  He is from the Czech Republic.  The Chief discussed the payment for the K-9 and the funds donated.  He stated there is an individual that would like to donate towards a second K-9.  They have committed to another $6,000 if we decide on a second K-9.  The Chief stated it would not occur until the spring of 2014 due to the timing and availability of the dogs.  The Commissioners approved the Chief discussing a donation from the individual.     


Grants – Nothing new to report. 

The Chief reviewed the 2012 audit report.  The total assets of the department were $2,415,664.  The operating revenue was $6,593,109 and the operating expenses were $6,915,626.  The management letter was also with the report.  The only deficiency was segregation of duties. This is consistent every year due to the size of the office staff.  He also wanted to make the Commissioners aware of the postemployment benefits liability.  The unfunded accrued liability is $5,239,239.  Commissioner Knepper asked the Chief who makes the investment for the pension plan.  The Chief informed him there is an advisory committee.  There was a discussion on how the other money in the department was invested.  The Chief stated currently it is invested in Certificate of Deposits.   Commissioner Paul Smith asked that the Charter Municipalities receive a copy of the audit.  Commissioner Ronald Smith questioned why the other municipalities couldn’t receive a copy of the audit.  It was decided to send a copy of the audit to all of the municipalities. 

The Chief reviewed the monthly report.  He did not have anything specific to report and asked if there were any questions. There were no questions. 

Approval of Expenses for June 1 -30, 2013 – $522,463.71

Commissioner Paul Smith asked for a motion to approve the expenses for June 1 – 30, 2013 in the amount of $522,463.71.  A motion to approve the expenses was made by Commissioner Granholm, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.

The Chief informed the Commissioners that two of the three vehicles approved for purchase will be picked up tomorrow. 

The Chief stated the Actuarial Valuation Report as of January 1, 2013 for the Police Pension Plan was received.  He advised the Commissioners that Jeff Myers from Conrad Siegel attended the Pension Committee Board meeting today and reviewed the report.  The Chief highlighted a few items in the report.  The market value of the assets at January 1, 2011 was $16,041,500 and at January 1, 2013 was $17,450,033.  The unfunded actuarial accrued liability at January 1, 2011 was $1,784,458 and at January 1, 2013 is $4,059,797.  He stated the plan is 81% funded.  The Chief reviewed the items discussed by the Pension Committee on the assumptions made in the report. 


There was no solicitor’s report. 


The Chief advised the Commissioners that he did address the issue from the last meeting on the expenses from Mannion.  It is the cost of the up fit for a new car. 

The Chief reported on the Memorandum regarding Unit Clarification for the Lieutenant position.  He stated it was acknowledged and approved by Lieutenant Zech. 

There was one suicide and one vehicle fatality in June. 

There was a letter of appreciation received from a Detective from Alexandria, Virginia regarding the work of Sergeant Barley, Jr. and Corporal Miller in a widespread investigation of thefts and robberies of high end watches.  A letter of appreciation was received from Windsor Township for assistance and recommendations by Sergeant Damon for the Emergency Operation Plans.  A letter of appreciation was also received from York Township regarding assistance from Sergeant Damon with evaluating workplace safety and providing information to employees on workplace safety. Officer McGee received a recognition award for the 2012 Aggressive Driving Enforcement project. 

The Chief advised the Commissioners that Corporal Georgiou, Officer Meyers, Jr. and Officer Dalkiewicz represented the department at a training and skills event for motorcycle officers in Pittsburgh.  Officer Dalkiewicz was awarded a first place in the Individual Slow Ride and a third place in the Novice Division.  Corporal Georgiou earned a second place in the Individual Slow Ride and second place in the Novice Division. 

The Chief reported this year the department participated in the South Central Camp Cadet week at York College.  Sergeant Montgomery participated in the camp.  There were 70 children that participated in the event.  Other departments that participated in the event were PA State Police, York City Police, Spring Garden Township Police and West Manchester Township Police. 

The Chief did testify at York College of PA before the Joint Hearing of the Pennsylvania Senate and House Urban Affairs Committee on June 13, 2013. 

The Chief stated it is time to start thinking about Trick or Treat.  The department tries to get each municipality to have it on the same day but it doesn’t always work out.  Elizabeth Heathcote, York Township Manager, stated York Township always has Trick or Treat on Halloween Day.  The Chief will communicate with the other municipalities.     



Commissioner Redifer had no comments.

Commissioner Granholm just wanted to remind the Chief it is time to start looking at the budget. 

Commissioner Knepper also wanted to mention the budget. 

Commissioner Sechrist had no comments.

Commissioner Ronald Smith had no comments

Commissioner Paul Smith had no comments. 

There was no executive session. 

A motion was made by Commissioner Granholm to adjourn the meeting at 6:44 pm, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted and recorded by,


Tracy L. Fleming

Business Administrator



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Others Present:

Elizabeth Heathcote

Dianne Price

George McGee

Robert Steele

Tina Frutiger

Bob Frutiger

Tobin Zech

Mark Price

Peter Montgomery