Meeting Minutes 9/12/13



SEPTEMBER 12, 2013

A public meeting of the York Area Regional Police Commission was held on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at the York Area Regional Police Building, 33 Oak St., York, PA 17402

Those present were Paul Smith, Commissioner, Albert Granholm, Commissioner, Paul Redifer, Commissioner, Paul Knepper, Commissioner, Rodney Sechrist, Commissioner, Ronald Smith, Commissioner, Thomas Gross, Chief of Police, and Tracy Fleming, Business Administrator. 

Commissioner Paul Smith called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance.

There was a moment of silence to remember the twelfth anniversary of September 11 which was yesterday.  The Chief stated of the 2000 individuals killed 72 were law enforcement officers.  Also a moment of silence for Jason Snyder a Baltimore County police officer killed in the line of duty on August 28, 2013.  Two of our officers, Sgt. Damon and Cpl. Miller had done tactical training with him and represented the department at the funeral. 


The Chief informed the Commissioners that Vilko has completed his training with Officer Sampere.  The Chief gave the donors that were present a small token of appreciation.  The donors have given over $20,000 towards the purchase of the K9.  The Chief stated Brando is now retired.  After giving out the tokens of appreciation, Sergeant Dunbar and Officer Sampere will demonstrate outside what Vilko can do.  They will also be taking photographs.  Sergeant Dunbar thanked Patton Veterinary Hospital for spear heading the fundraiser.  They really helped out and were the collection point for the donation.  Commissioner Paul Smith thanked the community for the support towards purchasing a new K9. 


There was no public comment.


Commissioner Granholm made a motion to approve the August 8, 2013 minutes, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.  Commissioner Paul Smith abstained since he was not at the meeting.   



The Chief will report on the correspondence during the Police Chief’s report. 


Red Lion Borough – Commissioner Granholm stated that he and Commissioner Ronald Smith met with officials from Red Lion Borough Council on Monday.  They expressed with them ways, thoughts and/or ideas on how to reduce their overage in hours with a commitment to raise units.  Unfortunately the Borough has let them know this is not feasible.  The only way to raise the number of units is to raise taxes.  The Borough said this is not possible.  They will not be changing the number of units purchased.  Commissioner Paul Smith said in light of this report he is going to open it to the Commission on how to proceed on this matter.  Commissioner Granholm stated without a commitment to raise the units we could go after the Borough for the overage in hours.  He said however the Commission does not have a procedure on how to do handle excess hours.  Commissioner Paul Smith said a formula would need to be worked out.  Commissioner Granholm stated there is no guidance in the charter.  Commissioner Granholm stated that as Commissioner Ronald Smith has said in the past if you address the overage then you are going to have to address anyone that is under.  Commissioner Paul Smith said not if you go with a percentage of the overages that could be a possibility.  Commissioner Granholm stated that each Commissioner should think about any possible recommendations until next meeting.  The Chief offered to sort and distribute any solutions before the next meeting for the other Commissioners to review.  Commissioner Paul Smith asked the Chief to get in touch with other departments and see how they handle.  The Chief will provide this information.  

Felton Borough – Commissioner Paul Smith stated the contract with Felton Borough expires this year.  Mayor McBrien is in attendance.  The Chief stated he attended the Felton Borough meeting on Monday night.  He presented them with updated information on hours of service.  He said they do have a draft version of a three year contract and a five year contract.  They are aware on the December 31, 2013 date if there is no action it will revert to an additional 20% charge for 2014.  Commissioner Paul Smith asked Mayor McBrien if he needed any more information at this time.  The Mayor stated he did not need any more information.   

Dallastown Area School District – The Chief said unfortunately they have not met since the update from the last meeting.  It is in the works to have another meeting with representatives from the School, the Chief and Commissioner Granholm.


Resolution 2013-08 – Adopting Procedures to Govern the Procurement of Professional Services Contracts Regarding the Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Employees’ Pension Plans –

A motion was made by Commissioner Redifer to adopt Resolution 2013-8, seconded by Commissioner Granholm, motion carried.

Resolution 2013-09 – Amending the York Area Regional Police Non-Uniform Pension Plan – A motion was made by Commissioner Granholm to adopt Resolution 2013-09, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.


There was no report.


Grants – There is nothing new to report.

The Chief stated he will discuss the monthly financial statements when we get to item D – the 2014 draft budget unless anyone had questions they wanted answered now.   

Approval of Expenses for August 1 -31, 2013 – $582,127.21

Commissioner Paul Smith asked for a motion to approve the expenses for August 1 – 31, 2013 in the amount of $582,127.21.  A motion to approve the expenses was made by Commissioner Granholm, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.

Draft Budget – The Chief reviewed the 2013 projected income items.  He discussed the MMO for the uniform & non-uniform pensions.  He informed the Commissioners the state aid unit value for 2013 is $3,884.35.  The uniform pension receives two units for each officer and the non-uniform receives one unit for each participant.   The projected income for 2013 is $7,442,659.  The Chief then reviewed the projected expense items.  The projected expenses for 2013 are $7,515,279.  The Chief reviewed the 2014 projected income and expense items.  There was a discussion on AEDs and in car cameras.  The Chief distributed a revised vehicle list to the Commissioners which shows the mileage on each of the vehicles.  He is budgeting for five new vehicles.  He also distributed a sheet of his calculation of the salary numbers.  Next the Chief reviewed the units available for purchase.  Commissioner Granholm stated we need to do something about the Health Insurance.  The Chief stated we did ask for quotes but have not heard anything back.  He also said we do need to give notice to get out of our current carrier.  There was a discussion on the Health Insurance.  Commissioner Granholm said if we can’t get the cost down on our own it will have to be a contract issue. The Chief stated he would like to give this draft figure to the municipalities and let them know it is only a draft. 

Approval of 2014 Minimum Municipal Obligations     

A motion to approve the MMOs for the uniform pension plan of $662,971.90 and the non-uniform pension plan of $96,379.43 was made by Commissioner Granholm, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.


There was no solicitor’s report. 


The Chief updated the Commissioners on the missing baby.  He stated unfortunately the baby has not been found but there has been an arrest.  The Chief stated there was a Proclamation received from Dallastown Borough for Sergeant Montgomery and York Area Regional Police Department for National Night Out.  The Chief said he believes it was well over 500 people in attendance even with the threating weather.  There was also a correspondence received from the intern.  The Chief explained what the interns do for the department.  


Commissioner Redifer had no comments.

Commissioner Granholm stated he will work on pursuing Dallastown School.  He will report back when they actually have a meeting.

Commissioner Knepper stated several months ago a comment was made that the contracting municipalities do not have any say in what is happening.  It is in his opinion the Member at Large and the Alternate should be a switched seat.  He believes to do this it would have to be an amendment to the charter.

Commissioner Sechrist had no comments.

Commissioner Ronald Smith had no comments.

Commissioner Paul Smith had no comments.

The Commission recessed for an executive session at 6:50 pm to discuss a personnel matter and lawsuit. 

The Commission reconvened at 7:05 pm.

A motion was made by Commissioner Granholm to approve the request of retiree Paul Redifer to use COBRA benefits at his current employer for healthcare and be reimbursed $300 a month by the department, seconded by Commissioner Paul Smith, motion carried.  Commissioner Paul Redifer abstained. This will save the department $158 a month.  This department’s share of his health insurance through the department is $458 a month.    

A motion was made by Commissioner Granholm to adjourn the meeting at 7:07 pm, seconded by Commissioner Redifer, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted and recorded by


Tracy L. Fleming

Business Administrator


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Others Present:

Rick Folkenroth

Diane Folkenroth

George McGee

Tobin Zech

Harold Dunlap, Sr.

Carol Dunlap

Cheryl Herman

Tom Kerr

Elizabeth Heathcote

Tiffany Ayres

Carrie McClaskey

Gary McBrien

Joseph Dellone, Jr.

Dianne Price

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